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Book an Intuitive Aromatherapy Reading

Hello there, Aromatic One.

Are you feeling a little wilted? Lost your sunshine? Or maybe you’re swimming in too much emotional water?

An Intuitive Aromatherapy Reading gives you the opportunity to partner with a signature essential oil to bring forth your deepest desire into form.

Most people have something they want. Here are some popular topics for Readings...
  • Survival: physical well being/housing/business/finances/possessions
  • Sweetness: love/sex/romance/pleasure
  • Vitality: personal power/relationships/family/partnerships
  • Balance: love/self-acceptance/forgiveness/compassion/appreciation
  • Purification: self-discipline/self-expression/harmonic communication
  • Big picture: clarity/perception/intuition/life path
  • Awareness: spiritual development/purpose
Readings are shared through email or phone. After each reading, I energetically connect you to the essential oil that is stepping forward for you. In a day or two, I’ll send you additional information about your aromatic guide, and what I see as the most important energetic aspects about this oil. I will include a number of opportunities for you to deepen your connection to this garden beauty through altar creation, dream boarding, and journaling prompts.

Email Readings
Ask for what you really, truly want. Email this desire to Please be as clear, concise and specific as possible. Include your full name, name you prefer to be called by, and if you’re comfortable include a photo of yourself as that can be very helpful.

I’ll ask if there’s an essential oil to help you bring your heart’s desire into form. You’ll receive an answer to this question in about 48 hours. While you wait, let go of your worries. This makes room for your wish to come true.
How to pay for an Email Reading:
Click the PayPal menu below. You’ll receive a payment confirmation note shortly.
Email Reading, $25

Phone Readings
Phone readings are 30 minutes, scheduled at a mutually agreed date/time. Email me at along with a couple of timeslots that work for you to connect by phone. I’m available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1pm – 7pm CST and Saturday 1-5pm CST.

Include your full name, name you preferred to be called by, phone number and if you’re comfortable include a photo of yourself as that can be very helpful. You’ll receive an appointment confirmation in about 48 hours. When it’s time for your appointment, I’ll give you the number to call me.

When we can connect over the tele, I’ll guide you to a place of calm and receptivity. From this state, you are free to listen more closely to what is calling for your attention. You can easily recognize Truth as it resonates in your body.
Then, you’ll ask for a heart-centered desire to come forth. This only takes a moment for the Truth to reveal itself. This discovery alone is worth its weight in a pound of Rose oil! If you don’t know, Rose oil is a high-frequency oil for big-
sized wallets.

Once we have our sights on what you truly desire, we can begin the work of identifying your signature oil, along with its many gifts.

How to pay for a Phone Reading:
Click the PayPal below. You’ll receive a payment confirmation.
30-minute reading, $75

Please note that suggestions in your Intuitive Aromatherapy Readings are for informational purposes and designed to help you clarify your own wisdom and guidance. They are not intended to diagnose conditions or substitute for professional care. 
Chakra Wisdom Card Readings

These readings are magical. When you want to tap into your inner wisdom, a Chakra Wisdom Card Reading helps you to lean into your intuitive playful self. Readings use the Chakra Wisdom Card deck and include a fable to help you with perspective and possibilities. The fable includes a card image that you are encouraged to tuck into your bag, journal, or at your home altar. Additionally, you will receive prompts for color reflection, journal journeys, heart-opening connection exercises, and a meditation. These readings do best when you invest a little time and contemplation. They're fun, inspiring, and useful. 

To get started, click on the PayPal button below. Fee is $25. Then, email me {} with your question. You'll be best served with questions like "What do I need to know about... ?" 

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