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ESSENTIAL OILS. Plants contain complex and powerful substances known as essential oils that protect the plant from disease and determine its aroma. Modern research shows that therapeutic-grade essential oils provide similar protection and healing benefits to humans and animals. Essentially Kim is a collection of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oil samples designed to treat specific conditions. I am grateful to Young Living for offering such high-quality products that support the magnificence of our body-mind.

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When you feel the importance of all that you are, the limitations of feeling unimportant are liberated allowing more space for Self-esteem and praise in the world. This Creative Question reminds you how much each of us matters!




Below is a list of current workshops that I either teach or recommend. Use the contact form below to ask about the oils or receive a flyer for FREE admission to our Health & Wellness Community Education classes.

Worry & Anxiety: Our Dishonored Fear
Ever find yourself feeling anxious about going out of the house or making decisions, natural disasters or attacks, ill health, safety of your friends and family members, or about money and finances?

In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to:

  • Recognize early stages of fear,
  • Create a functional personal boundary,
  • Ground & focus yourself inside your sacred space,
  • Listen carefully when fear is asking you to prepare for a change,
  • Create a body posture or phrase to help you take a quick time-out,
  • Check-in and decide what action to take.

We'll also explore essential oils and how they may help to ease feelings of nervousness, worry, apprehension, angst, and even panic.  

Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm
May 20, 2015
Private Home in Wauwatosa WI (address provided with payment)
$15 (advance payment reserves your seat — room for nine)


5 Universal Shapes & How to Use Them
Did you know that our preference for a shape is an effective tool to understand the powerful processes that are working within us?

In this class, you’ll learn the meaning of the 5 universal shapes and how they relate to your search for wholeness, your process of relationship, growth, goals, dreams, visions, and stability.

You’ll assemble a mandala using your primary symbols to help you transform your energy. Plus we’ll learn about essential oils to deepen our understanding of current tendencies and conflicts.

Sunday 1:30–4pm
June 28, 2015

Private Home in Wauwatosa WI (address provided with payment)
$25 (advance payment reserves your seat — room for nine)



Health & Wellness Community Education

We foster a community of healing and joy through our Natural Health and Wellness Community Classes. We share knowledge about the original, life-enhancing medicines from the plant kingdom. All of us want to choose the best things for ourselves and our families, but sometimes we are not aware of our options.

If you are new to essential oils, come as my guest. Fill-in contact form below and I'll send you a flyer for FREE entrance to this month's class. A new topic is taught each month and presented in multiple locations in south-eastern Wisconsin. If you live elsewhere *and* are interested in learning about essential oils, use this same form to schedule a one-on-one phone meeting.

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