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EMOTION CODE SESSIONS. Feeling stuck? Troubled with a chronic ailment? Need money to flow to and through you? Or perhaps procrastination is your middle name. Trapped emotional energies are often the underlying culprit with these conditions.

A person who is emotionally free has no desire to convince, cajole, insist, beg, seduce, manipulate or control. He/she is free to love.
(who doesn't?)
Trapped emotional energies can exert a dramatic effect on the way we think, the choices we make, and our personal success. Imagine if you could easily identify and release these trapped energies, so you could be more free to create what you want in the world. 

AS A CERTIFIED EMOTION CODE PRACTITIONER, I have released trapped emotions contributing to...
CHRONIC PHYSICAL AILMENTS: Joint pain, back pain, headaches, disease states, weight management, nose whistling, ear ringing.
EMOTIONAL DISORDERS: Anxiety, depression,
poor self image.
SELF SABOTAGE: Financial well-being, personal goals, professional success, interpersonal communication, intimacy, parenting, 
time management.
UNDESIRABLE PET BEHAVIORS: Aggression, phobias, sibling rivalry, and feline vomiting. 
(That's right, this works with pets, too!)

This website is a result of my own Emotion Code experience. I owned the domain name for several years but felt I needed professional help (some may argue I still do) in order to launch a website. With two releases of "creative insecurity", an energy surge unlocked my uncertainty. Within two weeks of my Emotion Code session, I had written much of the content you're reading today and learned the basics to publish this very website. You, too, can release what's holding you back from your next level of success. And if you're looking to build your own website, click here!

Sometimes your subconscious mind will use the energies of trapped emotions to build a wall to protect your heart. This wall will separate you from your unique intelligence that is essential to living your life of dreams. Using Emotion Code, you can detect and release a heart wall to regain your natural capacity to give and receive profound love.

I had been experiencing an energetic tightness in my chest for several years, but thanks to Kim and her Emotion Code healing, I have released my heart wall and the tightness. I find my heart is more open to both giving and receiving love — and it feels awesome. ~MOTHER & WIFE

Dr. Bradley Nelson, 
author of The Emotion Code, and
Kim Tedford, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

I was blown away by how easy and powerful my Emotion Code sessions with Kim were. The Emotion Code is a simple and transforming tool that quickly and effortlessly breaks down the blocks (some of which you might have been carrying around for years, like I was!). What's more, Kim has a beautiful nurturing presence that made the healing feel so safe and supported. ~

Prior to your first session, email a brief description of your limiting condition along with your desired result. Include potential time slots for our 30-minute session. Appointments are confirmed with payment. Meet in-person (Milwaukee WI), via Skype, or by telephone. A record of your releases is emailed after your session, along with suggestions to help establish new emotional patterns. A follow-up call (15 minutes) is scheduled 2-4 days after your Emotion Code session. Discounts available with purchase of multiple sessions.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Credit for a future session is issued to those who call or email 72 hours before their scheduled appointment. Credit is to be used within 30 days.
NO refund or credit will be given to those who do not call or email their cancellation prior to their appointment. 


Learn the process behind an Emotion Code session in Dr. Bradley Nelson's book. With practice, you can release trapped emotions for your friends and family!

THE MAGNETS*. Nikken magnets are designed for use with the human body. Did you know that scientists say... the earth's magnetic field is about 10% weaker than when German mathmetician Carol Friedrich Gauss started keeping track in 1845? Some of us are magnetic field deficient. Call or email Kim for more information.

The MagBoy fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight and easy to transport. Great to use with pets!

The MagCreator is the tool I use with my in-person Emotion Code sessions. You can give the best massages with this tool!

The PowerMag is the cadillac of magnets. The automatic rotation of the magnets creates a dynamic field penetrating through the body supporting our internal electromagnetic operations. Great for long-distance travel or passive therapy while sitting.

* Do not use a magnetic product you have a pacemaker or other sensitive implanted device. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy should consult a physician before using any magnetic device.



THE TRAINING. Study with Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code. Click here to register for the next seminar. When you purchase through this link, I receive a monetary reward for promoting Dr. Nelson's work. In turn, I will gift you a proxy Emotion Code session. The hope is that you, too, will pay it forward. :) So email Kim when you've completed your training! 

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