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CONSCIOUS CREATION COACHING. Actively collaborate to clarify what you really want, articulate your life purpose, and achieve your goals. In-person or tele-coaching services are designed jointly with you to address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in your life. You set the agenda. 
Sessions are available in three formats; 1) two-part Discovery Session for newbies, 2) four-week series for on-going coaching, and 3) singular session for previous clients who need support to break-through a current discomfort.

If you are new to coaching and want to dip your toe into a coaching relationship, I offer a two-part Discovery Session.

In your first session, we use guided meditation to bring forth your deepest, most authentic desire. From this place of truth, you identify two goals {one to toot about with friends and another to sooth your soul}. Both desires will guide you to your highest potential.

For homework, you are provided tools to help identify and communicate around areas of your life where you seek change.

In your second session, we'll review your successes and disappointments of your past along with your vision for your future.

This two-part Discovery Session provides an experience of how a coaching relationship can support movement toward a more fulfilling life. There is no obligation to move forward in the process {although most do}.


Ready for a coaching relationship to shift your life to the next level of success! Then, I offer a package of four 45-minute sessions at a discounted rate. This is my way of celebrating your commitment to you! Sessions are to be completed in a five week period.


Maybe you need a single Break-Through Session. We'll meet for hour and get to the root of your concern.


Kim is professional, prepared and focused. She has extensive experience in the business arena making her both a creative problem solver and a realist in dealing with career development issues. Kim is an intent listener and can guide clients through seemingly complex issues while encouraging personal growth and relationship enhancement. ~PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINER & ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR





My relationships have improved and my business has grown while working with Kim as my coach. She holds great integrity in the way she honors my path. Kim has a focused and methodical approach... brings a great balance of experience from corporate and a spiritual side, and research of the metaphysical advantages to help create the results that she and I clearly outlined at the beginning of the the series. ~ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTANT & EXECUTIVE COACH

ENCHANTING MONEY – a coaching series

I find alot of my clients have a challenging relationship with money. My coach offered me support in this area and I am so grateful. So I created a four-week series to support you with your money relationship.

Money becomes so much more real when we turn it into a person, rather than dealing with it as a concept in our head. When you can characterize your fears and limiting beliefs about money, you quickly recognize how you’ve made money the villain and actually are pushing money away.


This 4-session series incorporates conversation and guided visualization to expose your Money Villain and obliterate your money fears. Then comes the fun part, you create your new Money Love. Just like a new love affair, you feel the attraction and adoration of Money. You romance your new Money Love and discover how to be in service to your new relationship.


The more loving you are with your Money, the more successful you are in your relationship with money. Results are astounding!


SESSION 1: Plan for a 90 minute session. Conversation and guided visualization will help you to clearly articulate your most fearful, unconscious blocks to abundance. You will easily release your Money Villain. Then, discover the ‘woo’ and devotion of your new Money Love.


SESSION 2: Plan for a 60-minute session within one or two days after Session 1. Here you practice being in service to your new relationship, listening to Money Love’s request, and honoring your heart’s desire. Then, we craft Creative Questions for you to train your mind and focus on the qualities that you enjoy about your new Money Love relationship.


SESSION 3: Plan for a 60-minute session one week after Session 2. Here we’ll review your Creative Questions to see what needs more attention. Then, receive practical tips on how to celebrate and play with money.


SESSION 4: Plan for a 45-minute session. In this coaching session, you share what it is that you would like to create next with your money. We identify which practical tips are easy for you and which need more attention.


HOMEWORK: Daily meditation {5-10 minutes} with your Money Love and Creative Question magnifies your results. It’s up to you as how much you would like Money to serve you.


Sessions are offered via phone or skype. With payment, we’ll schedule our sessions via email.

FEE: $285



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