coaching & energy harmony
for conscious creations

BREATH MASTERY. My personal transformation began with this healing modality. Healing breath sessions are VERY EXPERIENTIAL. The energetic breath cycle excites the life force and floods the body. The cellular body is nourished and reveals energetic blocks. The emotional body is alive and eager to express. The mental body is curious and opens to insight. The spirit body is unleashed and awakens your inherent potential. This experiential ride is available as a series of 10 Unlimited Breath sessions.
Inhale, and God approaches you.  Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you.  Exhale, and you approach God.  Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.  - KRISHNAMACHARYA, Indian Yoga teacher, healer and scholar

UNLIMITED BREATH is the continuous breath technique in which I am certified. This style of breath will detoxify and nourish your body, while providing more energy and experience! The breathwork will help you can uproot unproductive thought patterns at a deep subconscious and cellular level. As a certified Unlimited Breath practitioner, I can help you tweak your breathing pattern and explore the possibilities that the breath will undoubtly uncover.

Health: Expand your breath to recover zest for life.
Major Incomplete Experience: Zap your personal resistance 
to divine perfection.
Mastering Change: Identify your specific blueprint for unconscious manifestation.
Conscious Creation: Design a specific high-frequency question to juice your deepest desire. 
Personal Quest: Transcend your core personal doubt and live from your life quest.
Natural Breathing: Transform your breathe patterns and change your life.
Life Purpose: Capture the essential quality that creates meaning for your life.
Choosing Awareness: Explore how your stuck emotional patterns stunt your personal evolution.
Life Urge: Receive the gifts of life.
Optimum Living: Proclaim a vision for your life.

Discussion: Identify situations standing between you and your desire. Breathing Cycle: Lie on a comfortable healing table, fully clothed with shoes off, and breathe for one hour. Integration: Experience your exquisite natural state. Change: Recap your experience, discern new insights, and create a plan to support continued expansion and desired change. Schedule: Schedule three hours for yourself, up to two hours with me and the rest for you.






I was honored to hire Kim to lead a breath workshop at my yoga studio. Kim's gentle teaching methods and soulful inquiries kept the audience interested. We all learned so much! I recommend her highly - she is an amazing soul and extremely knowledgeable! ~CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR 


$1350 when paid with installments;
$135 reserves your series, $135 paid sessions 1-9.

$1200 when pre-paid;
$135 reserves your series, $1085 paid at session 1.

For the first-time Breath Mastery client, sessions are only offered as a commitment to a series of 10 sessions.


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