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BODY CODE. This system of natural energy balancing was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to help find and eliminate the underlying causes of illness. This is not a primary method of care in serious disease cases and DOES NOT REPLACE MEDICAL CARE. The Body Code is a wellness aid designed to learn where imbalances exist in your energetic field and how you might correct these imbalances. 

The body remembers every experience and stores it much like a binary computer. When asked a yes/no question, your body provides measurable responses. Ever heard of a lie detector? You can access this warehouse of information through muscle testing, both in-person and long-distance.

If you have a physical or emotional ailment, Body Code can identify the unseen causes. Discern your real challenge and identify what to do about it now! 

I currently offer a Body Code series to evaluate your immune function, intact messaging of brain and heart, pathogen and toxicity energies, nutritional needs, and "happiness" factor of each organ. 

Dr. Bradley Nelson, 
author of The Body, and Me!

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This 3-part series begins with a complete evaluation of your energetic body, which includes testing for structural imbalances, pathogens, nutritional imbalances, toxins, organ & gland circuit function, trapped emotions, and presence of a heartwall. We'll explore your complaints/symptoms and associated imbalances. This first consultation will complete with recommendations (often nutritional) to regain homeostasis.

A second consultation is devoted to correcting energetic imbalances.

Your final consultation includes more corrections and a re-evaluation of your energetic body. Individual Body Code sessions can be purchased after an initial evaluation is completed. 


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