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BODY AWARENESS. Are you ready to embody more of your goodness, vibrant health, conscious abundance, and loving relationships? This healing modality can surface the energetic imprint of old, unfelt trauma that plays out as unproductive thoughts, emotions and habits. Explore the safe, relaxed state of life that allows you to witness your fragmented aspects that need healing. Discover the frequency of the heart as felt in the body. Life can be effortless!

This gentle touching of the body encourages the tissues to relax and suface cellular memory of subconscious wounds and misunderstandings. As the body begins to feel safe, you are able to permanently let go of hidden traumas and return to a vibrant state. Unlimited Body sessions are offered individually or as a series of 10 sessions to embody your natural fluidity and untapped potential. 

Unlimited Body is a process of honoring the body's wisdom while unraveling the complex combination of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of well-being. Here's what one client had to say about a single session...

I have had a challenging year. Many changes, some ok, but some not ok. I was definitely feeling stuck in not quite knowing who I was and how to move forward on my own. For the past couple of weeks, my feet have really been hurting me! My inner voice kept telling me it was time to "move on". 

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Body Awareness. All I knew is that my feet were trying to tell me something. I was pleasantly surprised to feel many "twitching" feelings in my legs and feet once you put your hands on my heels. I also had the sensation of things flowing down my legs and out of my feet. I was getting many insights to some of my questions. I began to feel as if my creativity was returning to me. I felt very relaxed, yet really ready to start my journey forward.

When you told me that you had taken your hands off of my feet half way through the session I was totally blown away! It was as if you opened up the floodgates through my feet. Incredibly powerful and amazing! And my feet continue to feel really good!!  - JULIE PRICE 

LEARNING TOPICS in a series include…
Safe Touch: Use relaxation to reveal your personal barriers to feeling safe.  
Natural Yoga: Expand your awareness of the natural movement of the body.
Body Language of Movement: Discover what your joints say about your freedom.
Body Language of Balance: Play with your posture.

Healing Pulsations: Experience the qualities of your body's rhythms.
Releasing Joints: Investigate your relationship between joint movement and how you articulate in the world.
Balancing the Four Bodies: Align your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
Healing through the Four Bodies: Integrate your bodies.
Strengthening the Weak Spot: Explore your recurring symptom.
Life Vision: Name a vision for your life.

Discussion: Explore where in your life you desire change. Movement: Walk and view your body in a full-length mirror to identify what part of the body needs attention. Hands-on: Lie on a comfortable healing table, fully clothed with shoes off. I place my hands on the identified area.
Change: Integrate new awareness by allowing your body to move and sense your change. Co-create a plan to support your shift. Schedule: Schedule two hours for yourself, up to 90 minutes in session and the rest for you to reflect and integrate your new state of being. 

$75 reserves your series, $75 paid/session #1-9. Save $50 when you prepay series.  







Knowledge of these energy centers in the body can guide you in the realization of your inherent potential and enable you to live a life full of abundance and joy.

Assessment: Complete a brief questionaire to discover how chakra issues are showing up in your life. Intention: Identify a desired outcome. Hands-on: Receive a gentle energetic touch session (fully clothed) to release fear and anxiety and expand relaxation. Guided Meditation: Use your imagination to further relax your body and mind, while receiving insights. Change: Integrate new awareness by revisiting your intention and co-creating a plan to support your desired shift. Schedule: Reserve two hours; one hour for your session and an additional hour for your personal reflection and integration.

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