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KIM TEDFORD, M.A.  A LIFE COACH (legendary for busting bum beliefs) and ENERGY CONSULTANT (celebrated for the emancipation of stuck stuff), Kim is a thought explorer serving restless folks (who are sick and tired of surviving life). Kim believes we are all artists born to create a masterpiece (have you started yet?)

Integrative Therapist

Coaching & Energy Balancing to 
reclaim your zest
for living.

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BIO... Although born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kim was raised in Illinois (where she never grew roots). When Kim graduated from high school, her father insisted she attend university, and saw no reason to study art (afterall, no one makes a living at that!). So she traveled the university circuit from Iowa, to Arizona, and back to Illinois studying graphic design, photography, and media production. She graduated from Northern Illinois with a B.S. in Communication Studies (surely she could make a living with this credential).

Kim moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where roots started to form) and steadily built a career in marketing communications (maybe not the "official" artist but definitely hanging out with her beloved creative types... AND making a living!)

(For a brief moment) Kim broke away from employment to become a consultant. She accepted a temporary assignment in St. Paul, Minnesota to help a friend pick up the pieces at an on-site office with a Fortune 500 Company. Five weeks into the assignment, her friend had a nervous break-down (this should have been a clue) and Kim was offered his job (and a boatload of money). Three years later, Kim found herself in a basement office (sewer gases spewing from an open pipe outside her office door --- literally!) Kim left Corporate America, returned to school, and became a consultant (sound familiar?).

Kim earned her M.A. in Human Development (proud papa present) by learning to follow her heart. Kim is certified in several subtle energetic healing techniques; all designed to engage the subconscious (that hidden part that sometime drives the bus into the ditch) and to create with conscious intention.

In private coaching sessions, clients get comfortable with the archetypal energies that are at play in their lives (life doesn't have to literally stink before making a change). When confusion reigns, Kim offers guided visualizations to reveal wise counsel. When
unproductive thoughts block progress, creative questions sort out the truth. When emotional turmoil takes center stage, body and breath awareness calms the mind and dissolves the fear. When environmental triggers disturb the peace, Kim holds the sacred space for a profound inward journey.

Kim offers coaching (live audience or dial-up), long-distance energy sessions, and workshops to courageous folks willing to awaken their creative genius and step into a bigger experience. Energy consultations address imbalances that limit your potential (with jaw-dropping results). Workshops elevate a communal experience of imaginative play.

Currently, Kim lives (with her spirit guides and leading man) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (feeling very rooted). She is an loving daughter to two aging parents, loves to concoct with essential oils, fancies her quiet time, and is developing a passion for flirting with life.

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