coaching & energy harmony
for conscious creations

Welcome. My name is KIM TEDFORD. I believe each of us is an artist (of one sort or another) born to express our gifts. Sometimes we have difficulty accepting ourselves (and our life) as a gift. Other times, we don’t understand how to create what we want. The services and products offered here are designed to unlock the creative genius that is uniquely yours.
Feeling stuck?
Conversations are free! Give me a call to see if my approach suits your needs. 

What would you ENCOUNTER
if you let go for just one hour?
Let go… of your mind chatter.
Let go… of what shields your heart.
Let go… of your plan of action.
Let go… of the demands of your environment.

a shift in your way of being?
A shift... toward personal truth.
A shift... toward intuitive knowing.
A shift...
toward purposeful behavior.
A shift... toward your divine dominion.

What do you want to EXPAND
in your world?
Through private consultations or group play, explore information, tools, and guidance to invoke your inherent creativity, embodyyour wel being, and inspire a personal willingness to jump into the messiness and wonder of life.


EMOTION CODE is an easy way to access the subconscious mind through the body, bring awareness to a trapped emotion, and release energy blocks through magnified intention. To open your heart more...

CONSCIOUS CREATION COACHING is a means to actively collaborate, clarify your desire, articulate your life purpose, and achieve your goals. To investigate more...

is a safe and effective method to support you in accessing your internal healing energy to release stress, resolve trauma, and access your greater knowing. From this place, you can experience a powerful shift in your life experience. To inspire more...

is a process of honoring your body's wisdom. In bringing attention to your physical sensations and movements, you will unravel the complex combination of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of well-being. To feel more...

INTEGRAL EMBRACE is the name I have given my personal and professional practice. Bit by bit, you become aware of the ideas and behaviors that no longer serve you. With each release, you feel lighter and brighter. I offer these healing modalities to those who are curious, courageous, and candid (and those who are willing to develop these traits).

If you’re open to deepening your relationship with qualities like happiness, forgiveness, peace, and intimacy, these powerful healing modalities will uproot deeply hidden patterns that inhibit the powerful life you were born to live. 

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